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Eat complex decision-making problems for breakfast.

Combining our expertise in machine intelligence research and execution, Dimension 14 delivers AI-systems for companies with an appetite for making consistently, effective decisions.

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Recognized for their record breaking scheduling algorithms, Dimension 14 has been selected as 1 of 8 out of 250 Middle East companies for Womena’s 2019 cohort

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Actionable AI

Intelligent capabilities in advanced scheduling, prediction and recommendation systems, and deep learning.

Dimension14 simplifies decision-making AI so your organization can implement it easily and maintain it effortlessly.

About Us

Curious if your company is ready to make and execute better decisions?
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All-In-One AI

Decision-making AI products for higher education, healthcare, mobility and advanced optimisation from Dimension 14.

AI-strategy consulting and executive coaching to help you navigate the shift towards an AI-first world.


Conquer your most complex problems

Our team of experienced machine learning Ph.D. research scientists helps you embrace AI one step at a time. Our research team has worked on global AI projects, published in leading machine learning conferences and reviewed for international academic journals.

Rethink the Status Quo

Balancing scientific theory with real-life cases is pivotal in transforming complex decision-making problems into solutions. With deep experience in our chosen sectors, Dimension 14 provides you with a diverse team of experts to design an AI strategy that will position your business for the future.

Add your first AI component

Take your first step with solutions including intelligent scheduling, analytics and prediction, optimisation and AI strategy consulting.


Tell Us About Your AI Use Case

Company full of AI geeks, obsessed with complex decisions, seeks intelligent companies wanting a competitive edge.

IN5 Tech Hub,
Dubai, UAE
IN5 Tech Hub,
Dubai, UAE